Runaway Confesses to Bitcoin Robbery

Sindri Þór Stefánsson - bitcoin

Sindri Þór Stefánsson, accused of partaking in the robbery of millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin mining equipment, has confessed to two counts of breaking and entering. RÚV reports that Sindri changed his testimony before the court case began yesterday morning. He says, however, that he did not organise the robbery.

Sindri was being held at low-security prison Sogni earlier this year under suspicion of involvement in the robbery. He escaped the detention centre and fled the country, but eventually turned himself in to police.

Sindri stated that he had originally contacted the individual who organised the robbery because he was hoping to set up a Bitcoin mining centre and was looking for an investor. The individual then suggested the robbery as a way to reduce competition. Sindri stated he believed it was a good idea at the time as he was facing financial difficulties.

Sindri stated he would not reveal the identity of the man behind the robbery, as it could have worse consequences for him and his loved ones. He added that he would return the stolen computers if he knew where they were located. Sindri told the country that the past year has been the most difficult of his life, and that he is no longer the same person he was before being placed in solitary confinement in prison.

Police Look for Björn Daníel Sigurðsson

Update: Björn Daníel has been found and is now in police custody.

​Björn Daníel Sigurðsson is wanted by Reykjavík capital area police, Vísir reports. Björn Daníel was required to begin serving a four-year sentence on Saturday for physical assault, threats, and sexual assault against his former common-law partner, but failed to present himself to authorities.

Björn Daníel is 26 years old, 180cm (5’10’’) tall, and weighs around 80kg (176lbs.). He was last seen wearing sportswear and white shoes.

Individuals with information about Björn Daníel’s whereabouts or movements are asked to call police immediately at 112.