Chicken Feathers an Underutilised By-Product of Poultry Industry

A poultry company and a research organisation have put forth a new use for chicken feathers: feed for pigs, domestic pets, fish, and other animals. RÚV reports that Matís, a government-owned, [...]

How is the Icelandic government promoting electric vehicles?

Stricter Regulations on Marine Fuel Proposed

The Ministry for the Environment and Natural Resources has published an amended draft to the current regulations on the Sulphur content of liquid fuels. RÚV reports that if these amendments are [...]

Students Start Weekly Strike for Climate

A demonstration will be held in Austurvöllur square on Friday afternoon to raise awareness and urge governmental action on climate issues. The event, which is being organized by the National [...]

New Conservation Laws Go Into Effect at Hornstrandir

New land management and conservation regulations around the Hornstrandir nature preserve in the Westfjords went into effect on Friday, RÚV reports. The new regulations now ban camping outside of [...]

Four Million Trees to be Planted in 2019

The Icelandic Forest Service intends to plant nearly four million trees this year as part of a long-term climate action plan, RÚV reports. The new plantings will supplement the three million that [...]

Waste Disposal Disrupted in Westman Islands

Waste disposal in the Westman Islands has been disrupted since December while the Heimaey town council awaits an environmental assessment report on the environmental impact of waste incineration, [...]

Whaling ‘Goes Directly Against Iceland’s Interests’

Japan’s decision to exit the International Whaling Commission and resume commercial whaling will likely have an influence on the export of Icelandic whale meat to the country, says Árni Finnsson, [...]

PM’s Next Car Will Be Electric

The Icelandic government will be upgrading its fleet of ministerial vehicles to electric cars, RÚV reports. Electric cars will be integrated into the existing fleet according to the regular car [...]

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