Iceland’s Largest Electronic Store to Cease DVD Sales

ELKO, Iceland’s largest electronics retailer, will stop selling DVDs starting this fall, Fréttablaðið reports.

In a press release about the decision, marketing director Bragi Þór Antoníuson said the company had reached a crossroads, saying, “When ELKO opened its doors for its first customers in 1998, DVDs were among the first things you saw and ever since, they’ve been a big part of the store’s product offerings. But times change and today, it’s possible to access all that material through various streaming services.”

Since opening, ELKO has sold 1,985,000 DVDs and will sell close to 2 million by the time they discontinue DVD sales. The company is putting all its remaining DVDs on clearance, selling some for as little as ISK 95 ($0.76/€0.67). The company is creating a new eSports division in place of its DVD section, as competitive gaming is gaining popularity in Iceland; the Icelandic eSports Association was recently founded, for instance. The new eSports sections will include eSports merchandise as well as areas for gamers to gather and compete together.

ELKO’s decision to cease DVD sales comes in the wake of most of the country’s video rental shops closing their doors. Video rentals used to be ubiquitous around Iceland but have naturally become fewer and further between with the rise of online streaming service accessibility in Iceland. In 2015, for instance, the largest video store in the country, Laugarásvídeó shuttered after 30 years of operation.