1 Metre Rule Takes Effect, 300 People Can Come Together

pedestrian street Laugavegur Reykjavík

Social restrictions were eased as of midnight today. The gathering limit has been raised from 150 to 300 people and the one-metre rule has replaced the two-metre rule.

As noted on covid.is, masks will still be mandatory at seated events, and the same goes for other events or places where the one-metre rule cannot be guaranteed.

Night clubs will be allowed to remain open until midnight, with guests being required to leave the premises before 1 am. Restaurants owners are still required to keep a written record of patrons but are now allowed to be open until midnight.

300 people may now attend theatres, cinemas, and other cultural events. Sports competitions are allowed, both inside and outside, but hosts must keep a written record of guests. Swimming pools can likewise open at maximum capacity, and the same holds for gyms, where up to 300 can gather in the same location so long as they adhere to the one-metre rule.

Gathering limits, social-distancing restrictions, and mask obligations do not extend to children born in 2015 or later. The obligation to wear a mask does not apply to children born in 2005 or later. Those individuals who have already been infected with COVID-19 and completed isolation are exempt from wearing a mask.

The new regulations will remain in force up to and including June 29, 2021.