Beloved Cat Banned From Grocery Store

diego cat iceland

Diegó, one of Iceland’s numerous celebrity cats and a somewhat permanent fixture in the Skeifan area of East Reykjavík, has been shown the door at a neighbourhood grocery store, MBL reports.

Due to health regulations, guide dogs are the only animals permitted to enter the grocery store Hagkaup, including the one in Skeifan, where Diegó could often be found. However, the store has no choice but to bar Diegó from entry, lest Hagkaup fall afoul of the law.

“It’s cold in the entrance and you can completely understand that an animal would seek warmth within,” store manager Gunn­ar Steinn Þórs­son told reporters, who added that he has contacted the owner and they were very understanding of the situation. “Cats just do as they please regardless of whether humans agree or not. He naturally hasn’t read any of the rules.”

Readers can rest assured that Diegó has many haunts in the area, though, as he is a regular guest at the office supply store A4, also in Skeifan.

Diegó has been a celebrity cat for many years now. So much so that when he was struck by a car in November 2022 it made national news, as did his inevitable recovery.

Sig­ur­borg Þóra Sig­urðardótt­ir, the store manager of A4, told reporters that Diegó is often waiting outside when employees show up to open the store, and will nap somewhere in the store throughout the day. In addition, if the dedicated Facebook group for fans of Diegó is any indication, he still visits Hagkaup–albeit venturing no further than the main entrance.

Diego Returns Home After Surgery

diego cat iceland

Diego the cat, a minor celebrity in Iceland, has returned home after a successful surgery.

Diego was injured on November 25 in a car accident near Skeifan, the shopping centre he frequents. He is a common sight at both A4, a stationary supply story, and Domino’s.

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This was reported recently by Sigrún Ósk Snorradóttir, Diego’s owner, in a post on social media.

She stated that he’s doing very well after a successful surgery, and that all that remains is to let him relax as he recovers from the stressful incident.

Many have sent Diego their best wishes during his convalescence, including the A4 and Domino’s he frequents, which both donated funds to cover the cost of his procedure. His Facebook group has some 10,000 followers.