Damon Albarn Live in Reykjavík Tonight – Nice Way to Repay “the Generous Gift” of Citizenship

Musician Damon Albarn will be performing at the Harpa Music and Conference Hall in Reykjavík tonight. In an interview published on RÚV this morning, Albarn observed that the concert – his first in Iceland in 25 years – was a nice way to pay back “the beautiful compliment” of having been granted Icelandic citizenship.

“Better come see me now.”

Blur-frontman and Gorillaz founder Damon Albarn will be performing at the Harpa Music and Conference Hall tonight. The concert marks the last stop on the musician’s The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows tour.

It’s been over two decades since Albarn last performed in Iceland, or since stepping on stage with Blur in 1996. Speaking to radio host Ólafur Páll Gunnarsson on Rás 2 this morning, Albarn stated: “It’s my first gig in 25 years in Iceland. And on this trajectory, it could take another 25 years. I’ll be in my late seventies then – so you better come and see me now.”

The musician subsequently admitted that the concert seemed long overdue, especially considering his new legal status in Iceland. “Considering that I’m an Icelandic national, as well … it’s a chance for me to, sort of, you know, pay back that beautiful compliment and generous gift that I’ve been given.”

Albarn was granted citizenship last year.

Inspired by Albarn’s long-time love for Iceland

At tonight’s concert, Albarn will be performing the album The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows in its entirety. As noted on Harpa’s website, Albarn has found musical inspiration in Iceland’s nature and landscapes since first coming to the country nearly three decades ago.

“This new piece – inspired by Albarn’s long-time love for Iceland – will see the musician perform this very personal piece with an ensemble in what will be his first concert in Iceland in 25 years. The Nearer the Fountain, More Pure the Stream Flows was written and composed entirely in Iceland. The title is taken from a John Clare poem entitled Love and Memory.”

Damon Albarn Interested in Icelandic Citizenship

British musician Damon Albarn is interested in obtaining Icelandic citizenship, RÚV reports. The former Blur and current Gorillaz frontman visited Alþingi on Wednesday, where he met Independence Party MP Páll Magnússon to discuss the process for applying for citizenship, particularly citizenship granted “by legislation,” or parliamentary approval.

Icelandic law gives Alþingi the power to grant citizenship directly in certain circumstances, thus circumventing the necessity of obtaining approval via the Directorate of Immigration. Damon’s visit to parliament was apparently arranged for him by some Icelandic friends so that he could learn more about this process.

Páll told reporters that Damon is now interested in obtaining Icelandic citizenship but said the musician had had a foothold in the country for 25 years, not least because he owns real estate in the Reykjavík suburb of Grafavogur. Damon has been staying in Iceland of late while rehearsals are underway for a musical work he’s recently composed that will be staged in Harpa music hall this summer. The work was apparently inspired by Iceland, particularly the views around Damon’s house.