Two Cross-Country Skiers Rescued in North Iceland

The Dalbjörg Search and Rescue squad in Eyjafjörður in North Iceland came to the aid of two skiers who got stranded while trying to cross the highlands. RÚV reports that the skiers had registered a detailed travel plan at which greatly aided rescuers in locating them and bringing them to safety.

The skiers intended to cross the highlands from north to south. However, on Thursday, one of them got wet and very cold during the expedition, which prevented the pair from either going back the way they came or continuing on their journey. They sent word to a contact in Canada, who in turn, got in touch with Icelandic authorities to request assistance on their behalf. The information that ICE-SAR received from this third party was unclear, but happily, the skiers had registered a detailed itinerary on that made it possible for rescuers to pinpoint their location without difficulty.

Two ICE-SAR volunteers on snowmobiles left from Eyjafjörður on Thursday afternoon to find the skiers, who were taking shelter in a tent east of Urðarvatn lake. At the time of writing, a rescue vehicle was on the way to transport the skiers back to Akureyri.