Fatal Collision in Downtown Reykjavík Under Investigation

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A man in his thirties was killed in a Reykjavík traffic accident involving a delivery van and a telescopic handler, Vísir reports. The accident has prompted an investigation by local police and the Icelandic Research Committee for Transportation Accidents.

Front fork in a lowered position

A male in his thirties was fatally injured in a vehicular accident at the intersection of Lækjargata and Vonarstræti in downtown Reykjavík on Wednesday afternoon.

The collision, involving a delivery van and a telescopic handler, was reported to police at 1:23 PM. The van’s driver was declared dead at the scene.

An eyewitness account from a Vísir reporter noted that the telescopic handler’s front fork was in a lowered position and penetrated the front section of the delivery van. Students at the MR Junior College also witnessed the collision.

Both the Capital Area Police and the Icelandic Research Committee for Transportation Accidents are currently investigating the incident to determine its cause.

Nine Flown to Reykjavík Following Accident

TF-GRÓ Icelandic Coast Guard Helicopter

Following an accident on Suðurlandsvegur yesterday, January 3, nine individuals were flown to Reykjavík for medical care. The accident in question occurred shortly before 2:00. According to initial reports, the individuals are in stable condition.

The accident occurred east of Fagurhólmsýrar on the South Coast.

An SUV and a smaller vehicle were involved in the incident. In total, nine passengers were aboard the vehicles.

In total, two coast guard helicopters and one coast guard surveillance plane were dispatched. The two helicopters were sent directly to the scene of the accident, taking the first six individuals. The coast guard plane landed in the town of Höfn, taking the final three.

The accident was attributed to the weather, which has left much ice on the roads in the past days. Following the crash, a stretch of Suðurlandsvegur was closed to traffic, but has since been re-opened.

Both vehicles are reported as badly damaged. The individuals are reported to have suffered serious injuries as well, but are in stable condition.






Fatality in Bus and Scooter Collision

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A man on an electric scooter died this weekend after colliding with a bus, RÚV reports. The victim, who was a foreign national living in Iceland, was in his twenties.

This is the second fatal accident involving an electric scooter in Iceland. The first occurred almost a year ago exactly, in November of 2021, when a man in his 50s collided with a motorcycle.

According to police spokesperson Guðmundur Páll Jónsson, the man seems to have driven his scooter into the side of a group coach about the size of a bus, when it was travelling at low speed. The collision took place at the corner of Barónstígur and Grettisgata around 9:00 pm on Saturday night. Police are still investigating the circumstances of the accident.

The The Red Cross offered trauma support and counseling to seventeen of the passengers, as well as three more witnesses on Sunday. Sunday also happened to be a day of memorial for victims of traffic accidents. Eight people have died in traffic-related accidents in Iceland in 2022.

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