Parking Lot Becomes Harbourside Park

Miðbakkinn, a former parking lot along the Reykjavík waterfront that has been converted into a public space for families, was opened during a public ceremony on Friday, Vísir reports. Miðbakkinn [...]

City to Install Over Two Kilometres of New Cycling Paths This Summer

The City of Reykjavík plans to lay 2.4 km [1.5 mi] of new and/or improved cycling paths in Reykjavík this summer, RÚV reports. The new lanes, which will cost an estimated ISK 530 million [$4.3 [...]

Reykjavík to Reduce Gas Stations by Half by 2025

Reykjavík is set to dramatically reduce the number of gas stations in the city by 2030, Vísir reports. Currently, there are 75 gas stations in the capital area, but Reykjavík City Council has [...]

New Hlemmur Square May Be Car Free

City planning officials in Reykjavík are considering the possibility of closing the area around Hlemmur Square to traffic. reports that construction on the rapidly changing square, which [...]

Changing Lanes, Part 3: The Future of Urban Planning in Reykjavík

Reykjavík is a city still finding its feet. At the beginning of the 20th century, only 8,221 called the northernmost capital city in the world its home. That number now stands at 217,711 people, [...]

Geo Climate Biodome Depends on Investors

The establishment of a proposed 4,500 m2 [48,438 ft2] cluster of geodesic greenhouses on the edge of Reykjavík’s Elliðaárdalur valley will depend on private investors, RÚV reports. According to [...]

Expanded Víkurgarður Protection Draws Criticism

The Cultural Heritage Agency’s decision to expand the boundaries of the protected area around Víkurgarður square is now being challenged by the Reykjavík District Attorney, who says that the [...]

City Council Approves New 102 Reykjavík Postcode

Reykjavík City Council has now approved the mayor’s proposal that the postcode for the Vatnsmýri area be changed to 102, RÚV reports. Currently, this area falls under downtown Reykjavík’s 101 [...]

“Copyright Protected” Grass Cost Reykjavík ISK 757,000

Danish grass imported for a restoration project in Reykjavík cost the city ISK 757,000 ($6,500/€5,600), RÚV reports. The notable expense is only one of many in the controversial restoration of a [...]

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