Blue Lagoon Restaurant Awarded Michelin Star

Moss Restaurant Agnar Sverrisson

Moss, the restaurant at Iceland’s popular attraction the Blue Lagoon, was awarded a Michelin star in Turku, Finland yesterday. The restaurant’s Executive Chef Agnar Sverrisson says he and his team are still digesting the news. RÚV reported first.

Moss is the third restaurant in Iceland to be awarded a Michelin star: the first was Dill, which received the distinction in 2017, and the second was Óx, which received one last year. Both Óx and Dill retained their star, and in addition to its star, Dill also boasts a green star, awarded for gastronomy and sustainability. One Michelin star means that a restaurant is “very good in its category.” Two stars mean a restaurant is “worth a detour” while three warrant “a special journey,” according to the Michelin rating system. Other Reykjavík restaurants mentioned in the guide this year are Middle Eastern spot Sümac, the recently opened Tides, seafood restaurant Brút, and traditional-food-with-a-twist favourite Matur og Drykkur.

Agnar said that Moss had been working towards earning the distinction since 2018. “It’s not easy to get this star and you have to sacrifice many things,” he stated. “The Retreat at Blue Lagoon has been ready to do that and finally we got it. We’re on cloud nine.”

Agnar previously worked as head chef at Le Manoir aux Quat’Saisons, the oldest restaurant with two Michelin stars in England, and opened his own venture, Texture Restaurant & Champagne Bar, in London in 2007. Texture was awarded a Michelin star in 2010 and retained it until 2020, the year that Agnar returned to Iceland and took the position of Executive Chef at Moss.

Moss’s menu features modern Icelandic cuisine with a sustainable focus.

Deep North Episode 29: Home Cook

gísli matt slippurinn

The ferry ride is only about half an hour on most days and is generally a perfectly pleasant experience. Even the rough weather this morning hadn’t deterred a full boat of day trippers on their way to visit the islands, see the puffins, hear about the 1973 eruption, and, most importantly, taste the food. Vestmannaeyjar have been lauded as the country’s most exciting culinary destination outside the Reykjavík city centre, even though the volcanic island isn’t home to any agriculture. The islands are home to a high percentage of fishermen, though, and a chef called Gísli Matthías Auðunsson. And his restaurant, Slipurinn, is serving up some of Iceland’s most exciting cuisine.

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Icelandic Chef Awarded Michelin Star

Souvenir Restaurant, run by Icelandic chef Vilhjálmur Sigurðarson in Ghent, Belgium, has been awarded a Michelin star. Vilhjálmur has run the restaurant alongside his Belgian wife Joke Michiel since 2014. It’s a big week for the couple, who are expecting their third child in a few days.

“I moved to Belgium at the time to work at a restaurant here. It was meant to just be a short stopover but life took over. I met Joke and eventually I got stuck,” Vilhjálmur told Belgian newspaper HLN, describing the culinary atmosphere in Ghent as “ideal.”

“Initially we didn’t even think of coming to this ceremony since the baby is supposed to arrive this week,” Vilhjálmur confessed. “Fortunately, we came anyway.”

Souvenir’s menu is built around local vegetables and seafood. Ghent has a five other restaurants with one or more Michelin stars: Restaurant Vrijmoed, with two starts; and Restaurant Horseele, Chambre Séparée, Oak Restaurant, and Publiek with one star.