Icelandic Glacial Developing Cannabis Drink

Beverage producer Icelandic Glacial is developing a special cannabis drink intended to be sold on the global market. Vísir reports that the beverage will be made with Icelandic water and CBD oil, a non-intoxicating marijuana ingredient that has been credited by some as having a variety of health benefits.

Earlier this year, Icelandic Glacial signed a three-year contract with the US-based company Youngevity International to develop the beverage, as well as other health-related products.

Founder and chairman of the Icelandic Glacial board Jón Ólafsson has said that the CBD drink will have medicinal properties that will be of help to people with a variety of ailments and pain. Jón noted that CBD oil is sold over-the-counter in almost all countries in Europe, although not in Iceland. He also said that similar cannabis drinks are available on the American market and that it’s his hope that Icelandic Glacial’s own CBD drink will eventually be sold worldwide.