Keflavík Airport Reopened After Bomb Threat

Keflavík airport

Keflavík Airport was closed for approximately four hours this morning after a bomb threat, RÚV reports. The threat was made in relation to a UPS jet that landed at the airport before midnight yesterday.

No bomb found

Keflavík International Airport has been reopened following a bomb threat last night.

According to a public statement from the Suðurnes Police this morning, the threat was made in relation to a UPS cargo plane – headed from Cologne, Germany to Kentucky, USA – which landed in Keflavík Airport at just after 11 PM yesterday.

The threat was received at 22.47 PM last night, and all air traffic was subsequently directed away from the airport, which was closed for approximately four hours as police authorities investigated the matter. No bomb has been found.

According to Isavia, all of today’s flights are on schedule, reports.

Fireworks and firearm replicas

As reported by Vísir at 8.52 AM, the Suðurnes Police discovered a box aboard the UPS cargo plane that contained fireworks and firearm replicas. An investigation is ongoing.

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Bomb Threat on German Flight Investigated at Keflavík Airport

An airplane on its way from Frankfurt, Germany to Seattle, Washington in the US landed in Keflavík on Monday afternoon as a result of an onboard bomb threat. RÚV reports that the plane turned around over Greenland when Icelandic aviation authorities received word that a passenger on the plane had written “BOMB” on the mirror in one of the aircraft lavatories.

Two hundred and sixty-six passengers were onboard the flight, which was operated by German airline Condor. The plane was successfully evacuated after landing in Keflavík. Bomb squads from the National Police Commissioner’s special forces and the Icelandic Coast Guard were called to the scene, but no bomb was found, neither on a passenger’s person, in the onboard luggage, or on the plane itself.

All flight passengers were interrogated on Monday and evidence collected from passengers’ luggage. The initial investigation was concluded around midnight, by which point, the passengers had been waiting in a closed section of the airport for seven hours. They were then transported to 11 different hotels in the area for the evening and the original aircraft was flown back to Germany. A new aircraft with a new crew was sent in its place.

On Tuesday afternoon, all the flight’s passengers were allowed to leave the country on the new aircraft, which departed from Keflavík around 3:00 pm.

The culprit behind the threat has not yet been identified.

Police will continue to investigate the incident. Úlfar Lúðvíksson, chief of police in Suðurnes, says the investigation will be extensive and could take several months.

Police Respond to Bomb Threats at Reykjavík School

Classes were cancelled at Reykjavík junior college Mentaskólinn við Hamrahlíð this morning after school administrators received a bomb threat by email. Police made an extensive search of the building and found no dangerous items. The school has been reopened and administrative staff will decide whether classes will resume in the afternoon.

Several Bomb Threats Made

Police have stated they believe they know who was behind the threat. According to a notice to press, the individual is based abroad and has issued similar threats in the past. Bomb threats were also made on other locations, and police have responded accordingly at three institutions besides the school.