Icelandair’s Boeing 737 MAX-8s Grounded Through February

According to a statement released by Icelandair yesterday, the airline does not expect its Boeing 737 Max planes to return to service until the end of February 2020. The airline has adjusted its flight schedule through February 2020. The decision will have a “minimum impact” on previously scheduled flights.

In the meantime, Icelandair will continue to monitor developments in the extensive effort, led by international aviation authorities, to ensure Boeing 737 MAX’s safe return to service. As announced last September, Icelandair has reached an interim agreement with Boeing regarding compensation: “Continued discussions with Boeing regarding compensation for the Company’s financial loss resulting from the suspension are ongoing.”

As reported in Iceland Review in September, Icelandair’s five MAX-8 planes are scheduled to fly to Toulouse, France in order to protect them from wear and tear caused by harsher weather conditions at Keflavík Airport. The planes are slated to be stored with the company Tarmac Aerosave.