Icelandic Museum of Rock ‘n’ Roll to Live Stream Concerts

The Hjómahöll cultural centre and Icelandic Museum of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Reykjanesbær are collaborating on a series of live-streamed concerts in the coming weeks. The series, “Látum okkar streyma,” (‘Let us stream’) kicked off with a live set by singer/songwriter Ásgeir on Thursday night.

Moses Hightower will play on April 2, followed by GDRN on April 7, and Hjálmar on April 16. All concerts will begin live-streaming at 8.00pm GMT. The series will also include a behind-the-scenes tour of exhibits at the Icelandic Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum with music icons Páll Óskar and Björgvín Halldórsson (date and time TBA) and Icelandic music trivia nights hosted through the Kahoot live platform on March 27 and April 3 at 2.00pm GMT.

The concert schedule may be added to in future days and can be found on the Hjómaholl Facebook page. Live streams can be viewed online via the Facebook page or RÚV website, or listened to on Rás 2.

Musician’s Star Removed at Behest of Hollywood

Following a complaint from the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, a star dedicated to Icelandic musician Björgvin Halldórsson, embedded into a sidewalk in Hafnarfjörður, has been removed, RÚV reports.

Björgvin Halldórsson was the first musician to have his name engraved on the sidewalk in front of the Bæjarbíó theatre in Hafnarfjörður, the idea being to honour Icelandic musicians in the same way that the Walk of Fame in Los Angeles honours Hollywood stars. Björgvin’s star was unveiled at an official ceremony last July.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, having been made aware of the star in Hafnarfjörður, complained to the president of Hanarfjörður’s town council that the star was an infringement of copyright and demanded the star’s removal.

Hafnarfjörður’s town council discussed the complaint at a meeting yesterday. The correspondence the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce’s lawyer and the town council president was submitted. Responding on behalf of the town council, the president stated that Hafnarfjörður had not intended to use protected trademarks or other copyrighted symbols. The town council had, therefore, removed Björgvin’s star.

The town council pointed out, however, that although the Hollywood star was copyrighted in the United States that did not necessarily mean that the copyright claim would be upheld by Icelandic or European courts. No legal precedent existed. Nonetheless, the town council acknowledged the copyright and promised not to employ symbols associated with the Walk of Fame in the future.

Björgvin Halldórsson represented Iceland in the Eurovision Song Contest 1995. He has released over two dozen albums and is known, among other things, for his annual Christmas concerts. Björgvin is the father of Svala Björgvinsdóttir, who represented Iceland in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest.