Mixing Business with Beats, Play CEO Rejoins Metal Band Dimma

CEO of Play Birgir Jónsson rejoins Dimma

The CEO of the airline Play has announced his intention to rejoin the heavy metal band Dimma. His musical endeavours will, however, not affect his position at Play.

All work, all Play

Birgir Jónsson, CEO of the Icelandic airline Play, has decided to rejoin his old colleagues in the heavy metal band Dimma. Birgir, a drummer with experience in multiple bands, departed from Dimma in 2018 after being with the group since 2011.

“Life is strange and beautiful,” Birgir wrote in a Facebook post published earlier today. “I was offered the opportunity to rejoin my old mates in Dimma. Despite being very busy at work, I decided to go for it. We plan to play five to six concerts this year.”

Despite this decision, Birgir stressed that it would not impact his role as CEO of Play: “To clear up any doubts, I am definitely not leaving Play as it is my dream job.”

Dimma was founded in the early aughts by Icelandic brothers Ingólfur “Ingó” and Sigurður “Silli” Geirdal. The band has released six studio albums. Below, you will find a video of Birgir performing with Dimma at a 2014 concert at the Harpa Music and Conference Hall in Reykjavík.

As reported yesterday, PLAY has added two new destinations to their scheduled flights, Madeira in Portugal and Marrakesh in Morocco. The latter will be the first-ever destination in Africa for scheduled flights to and from Iceland.

Play Launches Flights to the US Next Spring

PLAY airline airplane Keflavík flight

The Icelandic airline Play will begin offering flights to the US next spring. The airline will add three new aircraft to its fleet next year.

Flights to the east coast starting in April

As reported by Business Insider, the Icelandic airline PLAY has received initial approval from the US Department of Transportation to operate flights to the US.

Tickets to the US went on sale yesterday. Play will begin flying to Washington/Baltimore on April 20 and Boston starting May 11. It will thereby become the third carrier to offer flights to the US; Icelandair offers flights to over a dozen destinations in the States, and the US airlines Delta and United are currently offering flights to the States in the summer.

Low prices, high demand

Speaking to RÚV yesterday, Play’s CEO Birgir Jónsson suggested that the airline would continue to focus on low prices – “a comfortable, clean, and secure way of transport,” as he remarked in his interview with Business Insider, as opposed to “an experience.”

“It’s always been our aim to operate according to this model,” Birgir said to RÚV. “We’ve seen that what matters most in this business are ticket prices and, therefore, operational costs. We believe that we can secure our place in the market by offering the lowest prices.”

Birgir added that he was not afraid of Icelandair responding to Play’s foray into the US market by lowering its prices – that lower prices would benefit all consumers. According to the flight schedule, Play will offer daily flights to the abovementioned destinations in spring, leaving Iceland in the afternoon and returning on the following mornings.

Great expectations

As has been widely reported, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the airline industry. Birgir remains hopeful, however, that the state of affairs vis-a-vis the pandemic will have improved by next summer.

“I think most of us expect the tourism industry to return to normal next summer, but like before, we must proceed cautiously; we’ll begin by offering flights to two new destinations and go from there.”

With the addition of the three new aircraft next year, Play’s fleet will number six aeroplanes, and four new aircraft are expected to be added in 2023. When asked about the impact of COVID-19 on the airline’s operations, Birgir stated that it’s had its effect but that bookings have been steady:

“All in all, we’re happy with the reception and how things have progressed.”