Record Number of Birds Tagged in Iceland in 2018

In 2018, 21,648 birds belonging to 83 different species were tagged for research purposes in Iceland. It’s an annual record for the country, which has been tagging birds for 98 years. The [...]

A Third of the World’s Golden Plover Nest in Iceland

More than a third of the world’s golden plover and around 27% of the world’s whimbrel populations nest in Iceland, RÚV reports. These findings were among those included in a paper entitled [...]

Látrabjarg Bird Cliff to Be Protected

The Environment Agency of Iceland has presented a proposal for the protection of the Látrabjarg bird cliffs in the Westfjords. The agency has been working on the proposal since 2011 in [...]

Goose Flew to Iceland from Scotland in Less Than a Day

A greylag goose named Arnór completed its migratory flight from the Firth of Tay in Scotland to the Fagurhólsmýri moor in Southeast Iceland in 20 hours, RÚV reports. This is an estimated distance [...]

Kingfisher Spotted in Iceland

A belted kingfisher was spotted in Iceland yesterday morning. Ornithologist Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson says this is only the seventh time the species has been seen in the country. The bird is not [...]

Bird Migrates West From Iceland, East from Scandinavia

An international study has found that red-necked phalaropes which breed in Iceland have a completely different migration pattern from their cousins in Scandinavia and Russia. While the Icelandic [...]

Birds of a Different Feather Seen Flocking Together

Geese and swans were observed flying together in V-formation over Vík í Mýrdal in South Iceland on Thursday, RÚV reports. While it’s unusual to see two different species flocking together, [...]

Cameras to Protect Gyrfalcon Nests

Nearly 20 cameras will be set up in falcon nesting areas in North Iceland to ward off would-be egg thieves, RÚV reports. Though gyrfalcons have been a protected species in Iceland since 1950, the [...]

First Puffins of the Year Arrive in Iceland

Migratory birds are flocking to their summer breeding grounds in Iceland, and puffins are no exception. RÚV reports that Svafar Gylfason spotted the year’s first puffin while fishing at sea near [...]

Plover, Bearer of Spring, Has Arrived in Iceland

A golden plover, traditionally believed to announce the arrival of spring in Iceland, was spotted in Stokkseyri on March 28, Vísir reports. The migratory bird’s return to Icelandic shores is a [...]

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