New Bike-Sharing Service in Reykjavík

Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson was among the first to try the new bike-sharing service.

A new bike-sharing service began operations in Reykjavík yesterday. A hundred bicycles will be stationed at more than 40 locations, where people can pick up or drop off their bikes. An app will tell you where the next free bike is and users can ride for free for the first week.

Mayor Dagur B. Eggertsson, director of the city‘s committee of planning and transport Sigurborg Ósk Haraldsdóttir, and director of the committee of environment and health Líf Magneudóttir were the first to try out the bikes. According to a press release, users will get to ride for free for the first week.

The bike sharing service is part of the international Donkey Republic brand, but the Icelandic system is run by Framúrskarandi ehf according to a service agreement with the city. The bikes will be available for rent by the hour, or you can get a monthly or yearly subscription. „We believe that cycling and other micro-mobility solutions are the future of public transport,“ says Eyþór Máni Steinarsson, project manager.“Cycling will reduce traffic, is more environmentally friendly and allows you to exercise as you get between places.”

City to Install Over Two Kilometres of New Cycling Paths This Summer

The City of Reykjavík plans to lay 2.4 km [1.5 mi] of new and/or improved cycling paths in Reykjavík this summer, RÚV reports. The new lanes, which will cost an estimated ISK 530 million [$4.3 million; €3.8 million] to install, will be separated from both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

According to the announcement posted on the City of Reykjavík’s website, there will be six new paths in total. These will include:

  • Along Eiðsgrandi from the Seltjarnarnes city limit to the gas station at Keilugrandi
  • On Bústaðavegur between Háaleitisbraut and the bridge that crosses Kringlumýrarbraut
  • Within the Elliðaárdalur Valley: from Stekkjarbakki to the path along Fagrahvammur
  • Also within the Elliðaárdalur Valley: repairs to the existing path between Reykjanesbraut and Höfðabakki
  • Along Geirsgata (starting at Miðbakki) between Lækjargata and Pósthæusstræti
  • Within the Víðidalur Valley: new walking and cycling paths from Vallarás to where the Elliðaárdalur Valley’s trail network begins at Klapparás

The cost of the new paths will be split between the City of Reykjavík and the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, with the government putting ISK 450 million [$3.6 million; €3.2 million] towards the project and the Road and Coastal Administration contributing the remaining ISK 80 million [$647,200; €570,645].

Research shows that as the path network has improved, an increasing number of people have begun cycling in Reykjavík. There are a number of indicators of this. For one, the use of electric bikes has quadrupled in Iceland over the last year. Then there were 36,000 cycling trips counted in and around Nauthólsvík in May, which is a new record-high for Reykjavík. Before this, the highest number of cycling trips counted in the same area was 30,000 in August 2018.