Kingfisher Spotted in Iceland

A belted kingfisher was spotted in Iceland yesterday morning. Ornithologist Jóhann Óli Hilmarsson says this is only the seventh time the species has been seen in the country. The bird is not native to Iceland. RÚV reported first.

The bird was spotted by Varmá river in Mosfellsbær, just 20 minutes outside Reykjavík. It is believed to be the same kingfisher which was seen (but not photographed) at the same location last November. Jóhann Óli says the bird may have been carried to Iceland by a hurricane.

Belted kingfishers are widespread in Canada and the United States. The birds usually migrate south to Mexico, Central America, or even northern South America during the winter. Some individuals, however, have been known to linger in the northern parts of their range throughout winter, provided there are open bodies of water nearby.