Four Whales Stranded, Three Saved

Four pilot whales stranded near Ólafsvík, West Iceland yesterday evening, reports. Three of the whales managed to return to sea of their own accord, while one died in the shallows. The [...]

Best Practices for Saving Beached Whales

Two separate pods of pilot whales have gotten beached on Icelandic shores this summer, RÚV reports, leading experts to apprise locals of how best they can respond to such situations. Marine [...]

Jewellers Want Teeth and Bones From Massive Whale Beaching

Icelandic jewellers are interested in buying teeth and bones from the carcasses of the fifty pilot whales which beached themselves on Snæfellsnes peninsula. The whales were found in Löngufjörur [...]

Fifty Whales Found Dead on West Iceland Beach

Fifty pilot whales were found dead on the shore of Löngufjörur in a sparsely populated part of the Snæfellsnes peninsula on Thursday, RÚV reports. A group of American tourists on a helicopter [...]

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