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ukrainian children's workshop
Photo: A screenshot from Stöð 2. A drawing made at the workshop.

Ukrainian Kids Like Iceland’s Swimming Pools, Ice Cream, and Candy

A summer workshop for Ukrainian children that have recently arrived in Iceland has given the kids a chance to exercise their creativity, Vísir reports. Volcanoes, swimming pools, and ice cream are among their favourite things about Iceland, kids told reporters.

“It’s a creative workshop primarily based on creative writing,” says Markús Már Efraím, one of the initiative’s organisers and teachers. “The kids have the opportunity to write stories, tell stories, including their own, combined with all sorts of other arts. They draw and go out and take some photographs. They find that very exciting.”

Markús says such workshops make a big impact. “To have something fun to do and break up the day. For these kids, it’s also important to get an opportunity and a platform to express themselves. To learn how to do that, to get to speak. They have incredible imaginations, these kids.”

The children are of varying ages and come from different regions of Ukraine. Mira, 10, says she likes Iceland’s volcanoes and nature. Zlata, 6, told reporters she loves going to the swimming pool.

When asked about Icelandic food, the children’s opinions were split. Some didn’t like it much while others said it was great – further questioning highlighted that Icelandic ice cream and candy were favourites.

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