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Strætó Implements New Payment System and Fare Changes

Taking public transportation in the Reykjavík capital area will be a little different as of today. Public bus service Strætó has officially implemented a new, contactless payment system called KLAPP. Older payment methods, including the Strætó app, paper tickets, and cash, will continue to be accepted for another year or so.

Three payment methods within KLAPP

KLAPP is similar to payment systems that have been implemented in public transportation systems around the world. It allows users to pay their fare via scanners placed on the buses. Upon boarding, commuters scan a code using the KLAPP card, app, or 10-fare paper pass to pay their fare. The app is available for download for both Apple and Android devices. More information about the Klapp ticketing system is available on the Strætó website.

New price structure introduced

Strætó introduced a new price structure today along with the new payment system. A single adult fare remains ISK 490 [$3.70; €3.26]. Fares for children are lowering: while buses were previously free for those 6 years of age and younger, they are now free for children up to 11 years of age. Annual passes for seniors and those who are 12-16 years of age will rise ISK 15,000 [$113; €100] per year. One-month passes for adults have been reduced from ISK 13,300 [$101; €88] to ISK 8,000 [$60; €53].

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