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Icelandic Cows Escape for Night-Time Adventure

A herd of cows at Hvanneyri farm managed to open the door to their cowshed earlier this week, slipping out for a night-time romp in the snow. As the weather worsened, the herd returned to the shed, where they were found the morning after safe and sound. Hoofprints and tracking devices painted a clear picture of the night’s rowdy activities.

“The approach to the cowshed was somewhat amusing yesterday morning,” a Facebook post on the Hvanneyri Farm Facebook page begins. “By the entrance there were many traces of cattle traffic, but outside no cattle were to be seen. Inside the cowshed all was calm, the cows either lay in their stalls or ate hay at their leisure. All was as it should be, except for one thing, the door through which the cows go out during the summer was wide open and snow had blown in.”

“The cows went out early this year,” the post continues. “They had somehow unbelievably managed to unlock the door and lift the door up and had run out into the night.”

Aðkoman að fjósinu í gærmorgun var nokkuð skondin. Við anddyrið voru mikil ummerki eftir umferð nautgripa en engir…

Posted by Hvanneyrarbúið on Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Evidence in the form of hoofprints showed that many cows had run gleefully in circles around the shed and other installations at the farm. “But the amazing thing about the cows’ adventure is that every single cow had returned before morning,” the post continues. As the night progressed, the weather worsened, and the cows didn’t ignore it, returning to the warmth and safety of their shed.

The cows all have tracking devices that alert their caretakers when any one animal is unusually active. “This morning there were over 50 cows with a notification on the computer, and on the movement chart it was clear that they had opened up at midnight and been out until about five or six in the morning. This has been quite an adventure for them, but luckily they all found their way in and no one was injured in the hullabaloo,” the post concluded.

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