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A screenshot from Namibian Broadcasting Corporation
Photo: A screenshot from Namibian Broadcasting Corporation.

Icelandic Captain Arrested in Namibia

Icelandic captain Arngrímur Brynjólfsson, who worked for fishing company Samherji for many years, was arrested in Namibia earlier this week on the charge that he was fishing illegally in the country’s waters, the Namibian Broadcasting Corporation reports. RÚV confirmed the story through Samherji, who also informed the broadcaster that Arngrímur no longer worked for the company.

Arngrímur, 67, was arrested for fishing in breeding areas, and charged on a count of contravening the country’s Marine Resources Act. A state prosecutor ruled that he should remain in police custody until full bail of 100,000 Namibian dollars (ISK 840,000/€6,100) was paid. His passport was also confiscated. His defense council allegedly planned to file an affidavit for the passport so that Arngrímur could visit his wife in Iceland, who is ill. The case was postponed until January 30 next year.

Arngrímur’s former employer Samherji has been the centre of a bribery scandal in Namibia. One of Iceland’s largest fishing companies, Samherji allegedly paid high-ranking officials in Namibia more than ISK 1 billion ($8.1m/€7.3m) since 2012 to ensure access to horse-mackerel fishing quotas in the country.

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