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Icelanders Read 2.3 Books Per Month

As Iceland enters the annual Christmas Book Flood, a recent survey shows that Icelanders are reading more than in recent years. Survey respondents read 2.3 books on average per month, up from just 2 books on average in a similar survey conducted two years ago. Younger age groups, in particular those between 18-35 are doing a lot of reading in languages other than Icelandic.

While the survey found that reading of printed books had decreased from last year, listening to audiobooks had increased over the same period. Women and families with children were found to be the most avid readers, while those 18-24 read fewer books than older age groups.

As for where they get their recommendations, over half of participants said they rely on recommendations from friends and family.

The study was conducted by the Icelandic Literature Centre in co-operation with Reykjavík City Library, the National and University Library of Iceland, Hagþenkir: the Association of Non-Fiction and Educational Writers in Iceland, The Icelandic Publishers Association, Reykjavík UNESCO City of Literature and The Writers’ Union of Iceland.

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