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Sjávargrillið Restaurant is located in the heart of Reykjavík, specialising in innovative seafood dishes that celebrate Iceland’s rich maritime heritage.The restaurant’s story began in 2010 when chef Gústav Axel was awarded the title of Chef of the Year. He began experimenting and looking for the authentic taste of Iceland, visiting every part of the country while searching for the best Icelandic ingredients. During his search, he found items that formed Sjávargrillið Restaurant’s menu and interior.Each plate that Sjávargrillið offers is a culinary masterpiece, highlighting the rich flavours of the sea, crafted from the freshest Icelandic ingredients. The restaurant is committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing, working closely with local fishermen and producers to ensure the best and ethically sourced seafood finds its way to the menu.Beyond the restaurant’s delicious cuisine, Sjávargrillið offers a welcoming, elegant and warm ambience that lets visitors enjoy every moment. The restaurant’s dishes are also a sight for sore eyes as they are carefully crafted, creating not only a tasty but also a beautiful dining experience.Sjávargrillið offers lunch and dinner menus with seafood in the spotlight. The dishes vary from seafood soups to pan-fried cod, lobster tacos, and more. There are also options of sushi, lamb dishes, and beef tenderloin, amongst a wide variety of other options. Wine pairings are also offered, as is a large selection of handcrafted cocktails.
The restaurant’s attentive service, inviting atmosphere and exquisite seafood dishes create an unforgettable dining experience where everyone can find something to their liking.