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Nurses Hospital Landsspítalinn við Hringbraut
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Nurses Vote on Strike Action in Iceland

The Icelandic Nurses’ Association (FÍH) has invited its members who work in the public healthcare system to vote on strike action. Nurses have been without a contract for over a year, and voted down a contract signed by FÍH and the state in April. Continuing negotiations between the two parties have not proven successful.

Electronic voting began yesterday and members will have until this Friday at noon to cast their votes. Around 2,500 nurses that work in the public healthcare system are eligible to take part.

Nurses are voting on a general strike that would begin on Monday, June 22, if a contract is not agreed upon by that time. The strike would impact all state-run healthcare clinics and institutions as well as other public institutions that employ nurses.

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According to a survey conducted May 7-10, nearly half of nurses are prepared to go on a general strike (49.6%) and 32.5% are prepared to go on an overtime strike. The survey results also revealed that nurses’ biggest issue with the proposed contract was that it did not raise their base salary enough.

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