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Exorbitant Food Costs for City Council Meetings Overestimated

The cost of catering Reykjavík City Council meetings, which caused a stir in the media yesterday, was overestimated by the Department of Finance and Risk Management. The cost of each serving from Múlakaffi – a catering service and the City’s main contractor – was approximately ISK 3,900 ($32/€29) per person, not ISK 15,000 ($124/€112) as was previously estimated.

As reported by Iceland Review yesterday, in response to an inquiry into the cost of Reykjavík City Council meetings by Councillor Pawel Bartoszek in September, the City’s Department of Finance and Risk Management revealed that the twenty Reykjavík City Council meetings between June 2018 and July 2019 cost the city ISK 17 million ($140,000/€126,000). The cost of food and drink at the meetings attracted particular attention, averaging ISK 360,000 ($3,000/€2,700) per session, or approximately ISK 15,000 ($124/€112) per councillor (23 in total).

According to a bulletin from Reykjavík City, however, the Department of Finance and Risk Management overestimated the cost. The actual cost of catering per session was ISK 208.000 ($1716/€1545). The bulletin traces this mistake to the initial estimate combining all of the costs from City Council meetings, meetings of City boards and committees, as well as other meetings and seminars held during the same period of time by the City’s offices, into one. Furthermore, as City Council meetings are also attended by substitute councillors, City Hall staff, and security guards, the cost per attendee is approximately ISK 3.900 ($32/€29). 

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