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All But Two Ministers in Quarantine After Possible COVID Exposure

All but two government ministers have been directed to undergo two COVID-19 tests and a five-day quarantine after a group dinner at a hotel where two people were diagnosed with the virus, Kjarninn reports. It’s thought unlikely that the cabinet was exposed to the virus during their dinner, but ministers and civil protection authorities are proceeding with the screening and quarantine measures out of an abundance of caution.

Health Minister Svandís Svavarsdóttir and Minister for Social Affairs and Children Ásmundur Einar Daðason did not attend the dinner and do not, therefore, have to quarantine or be tested.

On August 18, ministers held a governmental meeting in the village of Hella in Southwest Iceland and then went to dinner together at Hótel Rangá. Following the dinner, contact tracers traced two active COVID-19 infections to the hotel, and are now focusing their containment efforts to three groups of guests.

The first group is thought to have been most likely to be exposed to the virus during their visit and is now in a two-week quarantine. The second group is thought less likely to have been exposed, has been tested once for the virus, and will remain in quarantine until the results of their tests are obtained.

The government ministers are part of the third group and are also unlikely to have been exposed to the virus during their dinner. The measures being taken in their case—two screenings with a quarantine period in between—are the same as those in place for healthcare workers, police officers, frontline power company workers, and key workers in the media and government.

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