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Women’s Football Team Maintains Top 25 Ranking

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The Icelandic women’s national football team has maintained its top 25 ranking among national women’s teams worldwide, RÚV reports. Iceland is currently ranked 22nd with 1,798 total points.

Iceland overtook Austria in the rankings by one point, but Belgium then overtook both countries. As such, Iceland did not actually shift position at all in the rankings. The team is, however, three spots lower in the rankings than it was in September 2018, just after it missed out on qualifying for the 2019 Women’s World Cup. At that time, the team was ranked 19th in the world.

The United States’ women’s national team is currently in first place, with 2,123 points, followed by Germany (2,057), France (2,046), England (2,021), and Canada (2,006). The remaining top ten teams are Australia, the Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, and Brazil. Ukraine and Russia round out the top 24 teams in 24th and 25th place respectively.

See the full top 50 FIFA rankings here.

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