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University of Iceland needs a clear vision and financing

“The University of Iceland needs a clear vision, well defined goals and a determination for action”, said the University’s rector Kristín Ingólfsdóttir in her graduation speech on Saturday.

In her speech Kristín emphasized that Icelandic society needed a leading university. Kristín said that in the mid-nineties a new era arose in the history of the University of Iceland. The era was defined by a tremendous expansion; in eight years the university doubled in size. She said that the university now competes with other university level institutions for students, teachers and financing.

According to Kristín the university plans to expand its research facilities in connection with extensive research oriented graduate programs. Because of this, and other new developments on the agenda, the University is seeking increased financial aid from the government.

According to the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service, 1400 students from 11 departments will graduate from the University of Iceland this year including 14 PhD candidates.

Iceland currently has eight universities: the University of Iceland; Reykjavík University; Akureyri University; University at Hólar; the Icelandic University of Agriculture; Bifröst School of Business; Iceland Academy of the Arts and the Iceland University of Education.

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