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Tourists Pre-Order Marijuana, Delivered on Arrival

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Tourists on their way to Iceland are able to order marijuana ahead of time, to be delivered at Keflavík Airport upon landing, reports.

Informational websites in several languages then offer assistance to travelers in procuring such products during their stay, as well as explain the consequences of being caught in possession of illegal substances.

According to Icelandair is the only European airline that offers direct flights to all of those U.S. states which have legalized the recreational use of cannabis—Anchorage, Alaska; Denver, Colorado; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington and the District of Columbia.

“Someone here realized this fact recently and was joking about it,” said Guðjón Arngrímsson, communications director at Icelandair.

“This is an area where the general level of education is high, and free thinking prevails. Portland, Seattle, Denver: there live liberal and tolerant people, many of whom are also active outdoor enthusiasts.”

Earlier this year a survey found that support for legalizing marijuana has doubled since 2011—going from 12,7 percent to 24,3 percent.

Among the generally liberal, and even libertarian supporters of the increasingly popular Pirate Party, 46,2 percent support legalization.

Last month then, a UN report found that Icelanders consume the most cannabis in the world per capita.

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