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Photo: Landhelgisgæsla Íslands/Icelandic Coast Guard, FB.

Substantial Sea Ice Spotted Off Northwest Coast

A substantial amount of sea ice has collected to the Northwest of Iceland, RÚV reports. The Icelandic Coast Guard says that the quantity of sea ice is not unusual for this time of year, but that it’s important to monitor it in for the sake of ships and boats in the area.

Landhelgisgæsla Íslands/Icelandic Coast Guard, FB

The Icelandic Coast Guard took a helicopter to observe the ice on Saturday, and found a great deal of brash ice roughly 20 nautical miles off the coast of Straumnes in the Westfjords. Brash ice is the term for floating chunks of ice (no more than 2 m [6.5 ft] wide) that have accumulated in a sort of raft on the surface of the sea. It is made up of fragments that have broken off other, larger ice bergs and floes.

See videos of the flyover via the Coast Guard Facebook page, here.







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