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Record Amount of Passengers with Vestmannaeyjar Ferry Herjólfur

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A record amount of passengers travelled with the ferry Herjólfur between mainland Iceland and Vestmannaeyjar (The Westman Islands) this past June. The total amount of passengers were 62545, an increase of 5400 people when compared to 2018. The last record was set in 2017 when 57538 travelled with Herjólfur to the islands, RÚV reports.

Guðbjartur Ellert Jónsson, managing director of Herjólfur, stated that there have been more foreign travellers than normal. He stated that the summer has gone off to a good start. The good weather in South Iceland has played its part as well as the fact that Herjólfur sails at a different time than before, as well as the ferry taking more frequent trips.

Just over 4300 people reside in Vestmannaeyjar, which is famed for its natural beauty in the North Atlantic. Vestmannaeyjar islands are an archipelago just south of Iceland, rich with birdlife such as puffins. The picturesque islands are rich in history, and a short tour to the island has long been a popular pastime of Icelanders. Two beluga whales have also recently made Vestmannaeyjar their home in an open sea beluga whale sanctuary handled by Sea Life Trust.

Vestmannaeyjar residents have not felt the reduction in the number of travellers following the bankruptcy of WOW air. Íris Róbertsdóttir, Vestmannaeyjar’s mayor, says that the island is always popular in the summertime. She stated that she felt there was even an increase in the number of travellers heading out to the islands.
Íris Róbertsdóttir, bæjarstjóri í Vestmannaeyjum, segir að fyrirtæki í ferðaþjónustu í Eyjum virðist ekki hafa fundið fyrir samdrætti vegna fækkunar ferðamanna, líkt og hefur verið annars staðar á landinu.

Laila Pétursdóttir, from local tour operator RibSafari, strikes a similar note as she’s been happy with summer so far. The weather plays its part, but she also feels a marked increase in foreign travellers between years.

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