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Ninety-Day Wait to be Admitted to Hospital

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Just over 40% of people admitted to hospital last year had to wait 90 days or longer for a room, RÚV reports. Five years ago, the percentage of people who experienced a similar wait time was only 26%. This data was published by the Directorate of Health, which says that these ever-lengthening wait times are a cause for concern.

RÚV recently reported that at the end of 2018, there were 400 people waiting to be admitted to hospital. The average wait time for these patients was 116 days.

The Directorate of Health notes one positive change, however: since December, wait times have gone down for patients who are not receiving treatment in hospital – i.e. individuals who need specialised care or other health-related treatments not provided by the hospital.

The Directorate of Health has expressed concern about the effect that long wait times will have on patients’ quality of life as well as the healthcare system overall. It is hoped that new patient rooms that are expected to open in the coming months will improve the situation.

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