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Max of 30 People Allowed Aboard Buses

Starting on May 4, the Ministry of Health will waive the requirement that people maintain a distance of two meters between them when travelling on public buses. Instead, a maximum of 30 riders will be allowed in vehicles at one time.

Per an announcement on the Strætó website, passengers will continue to board buses through the centre or rear doors, the better to safeguard drivers. The front of the bus will remain cordoned off for the same reason. Bus fares should be paid via smartphone app or bus card, which passengers are requested to hold up and show the driver when boarding. Although contactless payment is preferred, passengers who must pay with cash or tickets are able to do so via a designated farebox. No transfer tickets will be issued during this time, so passengers who need to switch buses mid-journey should simply inform the driver that they will be transferring and pay on the last leg of their trip.

Starting May 4, frequency will increase on Route 1 buses. Buses will run every 15 minutes from 6:35 – 8:35 am and 3:12 – 5:12 pm. The two-meter rule will remain in effect on Route 1 buses and maximum capacity will be lower than on other routes, namely a maximum of 20 people will be allowed on board at any time.

Additional buses will be added to following routes at the following times, Monday – Friday:

  • Route 6 – 7:36 from Ártún towards Hlemmur
  • Route 3 – 7:21 from Mjódd towards Hlemmur
  • Route 3 – 7:51 from Mjódd towards Hlemmur
  • Route 12 – 07:07 from Breiðhöfði/Ártún towards Skeljanes
  • Route 12 – 07:31 from Hlemmur towards Mjódd
  • Route 12 – 07:56 from Mjódd towards Hlemmur
  • Route 15 – 07:01 from Flyðrugrandi towards Reykjavegur
  • Route 15 – 07:45 from Reykjavegur towards Ártún

In addition, extra buses will be on standby during the afternoon rush hour and will be sent out on routes as needed.

Passengers are encouraged to limit their communications with other passengers, regularly sanitize their hands, cough or sneeze into the crook of their arms, and, most importantly, not ride the bus if they are feeling ill.

See the full announcement, in English, on the Strætó website here.

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