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Man Breaks Age Record in Iceland

At 105 years and 346 days old, Georg Breiðfjörð Ólafsson from Stykkishólmur, West Iceland, broke the record for the oldest Icelandic male on Saturday. The record was previously held by Helgi Símonarson from Svarfaðardalur, central North Iceland, who lived to be 105 years and 345 days. Georg will turn 106 on March 26.

Georg’s son Ágúst Ólafur Georgsson, says his father has a great memory and closely follows everything that goes on around him.

He told that he doesn’t think his father’s eating habits have contributed to his longevity and that he eats little fruit and vegetables. “He eats classic Icelandic food but has always taken good care of his health and has never overexerted himself.”

Georg lives in a home for the elderly with his brother, who is 100 years old.

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