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#Kranavatn Campaign Encourages Tourists to Drink Tap Water

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A new ad campaign by Iceland’s official tourism website encourages tourists to drink tap water when visiting the country. The new ad promotes the hashtag #kranavatn (#tapwater) and aims to reduce the number of people buying bottled water in Iceland.

A recent survey of 16,000 people in North America and Europe found that 65% of travelers use more bottled water and beverages while traveling than when they are at home. Reasons cited for this increase in usage include concerns about the safety of tap water in the host country (70%) and convenience (19%).

In order to combat these specific concerns, the new ad campaign, which was launched in collaboration with the Environment Agency of Iceland, presents Icelandic tap water as a luxury product that can be enjoyed for free all over the country. Icelandic tap water is, per the Environment Agency, some of the cleanest and best tasting water in the world.

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