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Icelandic Lamb Exported to India

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Icelandic lamb is now being exported to India for the first time. The first shipment was sent in early October and more are planned in the coming weeks. The Icelandic Food and Veterinary Authority has been working on making the export possible for two years. RÚV reported first.

The Indian market laid down a number of special requirements for import of the product. Only lamb from areas of Iceland where scrapie has never been diagnosed. Scrapie is a fatal disease that affects sheep and tends to persist in flocks. The meat must also be separated from other lamb during processing and storage.

The export license which has been granted is valid for six months and five tonnes of lamb. The contract is valid for one particular importer in India and the meat will be sourced by one slaughterhouse and processing plant. There are hopes to expand the project if the lamb is well-received.

This is the second large market to open to Icelandic lamb in a short time, as a contract for export to China was signed this fall.

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