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Iceland Has Highest Proportion of Female Prisoners in Europe

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Iceland has the lowest prison population per capita in Europe, and the highest proportion of female inmates on the continent. The data comes from the Council of Europe’s report on prison statistics for 2018, published today. The report was presented at the Council of Europe office in Brussels this morning.

According to the report, Iceland was the European country with the lowest prison population rate as of January 31, 2018, with 46.8 inmates per 100,000 inhabitants. Finland was in second place with 51.1, followed by the Netherlands (54.4), Sweden (56.5), and Denmark (63.2). The European median figure was 102.5.

Interestingly, Iceland has the highest proportion of female inmates, at 9.8%. Following are the Russian Federation (7.9%), Latvia (7.7%), Spain (7.5%), and the Czech Republic (7.4%). The European median figure was 5.0%.

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Iceland had the lowest mortality rate of inmates, with zero deaths in the year 2017. Sweden followed with 7.0 deaths per 10,000 inmates, then Finland (7.1), Georgia (10.6), and the Czech Republic (10.8). The European median figure was 26.3 deaths per 10,000 inmates.

Iceland also had the lowest rate of suicide per 10,000 inmates, with none in 2017, sharing the number one spot with Greece, Montenegro, Luxembourg, Cyprus, and Croatia. The European median figure was 5.5. The report’s authors caution that data collection varies from country to country and comparisons should be conducted cautiously.

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