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Handbags From Fish Leather Enjoy Success

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Icelander Unnur Fridriksdottir is enjoying great success with her company UNNURWEAR, which offers high-quality handbags, accessories and clothing, now available worldwide.

The specialty of UNNURWEAR is the use of sea-leather in the handbags, mainly farm-grown Icelandic Salmon and farm-grown African Perch.

By using sea-leather, UNNURWEAR is contributing to the sustainable fashion movement, not endangering any species. The sea-leather smells like regular leather, and the more it’s worn, the better it looks.

In this short time, Fridriksdottir has been awarded for her entrepreneur vision and innovative designs. Her handbags were displayed at Iceland’s largest design exhibition to date, Magma/Kvika, at Kjarvalsstadir Art Museum.

For further information regarding UNNURWEAR click here.

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