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Four Teenagers Arrested for Deprivation of Liberty and Assault

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Four men under the age of twenty have been arrested on suspicion of deprivation of liberty and assault yesterday, RÚV reports. The teenagers brought a man to the Heiðmörk conservation area on Wednesday afternoon, just outside the city limits, beat him with a bat and attacked him with pepper spray. Afterwards, he was forced to wade into the cold water of Elliðavatn lake. The assault victim was taken by ambulance to the emergency ward for care, as his body temperature was low when responders arrived at the scene.

The teenagers were not put into custody. The police will not disclose whether the perpetrators knew the victim but are looking into if the case is connected to a drug-related settlement.

The Metropolitan Police received two notifications on Wednesday from people claiming to have been abducted and threatened. The other case involved a couple entering a car in Borgartún armed with a knife, forcing the driver to come with them so that they could steal his money and drugs. The police have a likely suspect and are currently searching for him.

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