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Hlynur Andrésson
Photo: Hlynur Andrésson crosses the finish line at the Parelloop run in the Netherlands..

First Icelander to Run 10K in Under 30 Minutes

Hlynur Andrésson became the first Icelander to run a 10k street race in under 30 minutes yesterday when he finished the Parelloop race in the Netherlands with a time of 29:49. Hlynur landed in 27th place in the run. Ugandan Mande Buschendich took first place in the race with a time of 27:56. RÚV reported first.

The previous Icelandic record in the category was set in 1983 when Jón Diðriksson ran 10k in 30:11 minutes in Germany. Hlynur also holds the Icelandic records for 10,000m track run, which he set in April 2018 in Charlottesville, USA with a time of 29:20.91. Hlynur has set four Icelandic records in running overall.

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