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Few Passengers Wearing Seatbelts in Bus Crash

Only a few passengers on the bus that overturned in Southeast Iceland were wearing seatbelts, mbl.is reports. This information was released as part of the police’s ongoing investigation of Thursday’s accident.

Just after 3:00 pm on Thursday afternoon, police received notice of a bus which had tipped over near Hof, Southeast Iceland. It took emergency crews around 30 minutes to free two passengers who had landed under the bus. The bus was transporting 32 passengers in total, all from China, plus a local driver. Four individuals were categorised as seriously injured. A police statement reported that many others had broken limbs and cuts that required treatment.

As of Saturday, three people were still in intensive care and one was in the acute care division. Three individuals are still also under observation in the hospital in Akureyri, but three more passengers were discharged from that institution on Friday afternoon.

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