Image: Veðurstofa Íslands.

Earthquake Swarm Continues

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An earthquake swarm in Northeast Iceland which began on Saturday, March 23 is still ongoing, the Icelandic Met Office reports. The seismic swarm is located in Öxarfjörður fjord, some 6km (3.7mi) southwest of the town of Kópasker.

Around 2,600 earthquakes have been detected by equipment since the swarm began. Eight earthquakes of magnitude three or higher have been measured, the largest of which occurred on March 27 and measured M4.2. From March 27-29, the daily earthquake count exceeded 500 quakes per day, peaking on March 28 when 780 earthquakes were counted. From March 30 to April 1 around 100 quakes have been detected per day.

While the activity had been decreasing over the past weekend, there was an increase in activity yesterday, with the largest earthquake measuring M2.7.

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