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Bónus Winning Price War, Fréttabladid Reports

In a local price war between major grocery stores, Bónus has emerged as a clear winner—so says the largest newspaper in Iceland, Fréttabladid, owned by the same parent company as Bónus.

In a scientific survey conducted by Fréttabladid, the newspaper sent journalists to all major grocery stores “at the same time” and had them ring up the same items at the cashier: liver pate, milk, súrmjolk—a yoghurt-type product, oranges, red apples, mushrooms, orange juice, coffee and paper towels. For every item, Fréttabladid reports in their front-page story, “Bónus in all cases has the lowest price.”

Krónan, a low-cost grocery store not owned by Baugur, in almost all cases had the second lowest price, according to Fréttabladid’s scientific study.

Both stores have lowered prices considerably in a very short time.

Other stores involved in the competition are Netto and Fjardakaup, neither of which have parent companies involved in the media industry.

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