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Committee Proposes Eliminating Indefinite Fish Farming Licences

The majority of the Parliamentary Industrial Affairs Committee wants to change legislation on fish farm to make all licences temporary, RÚV reports. Current legislation allows the granting of licences for 16 years as well as for an indefinite period. The committee’s proposal suggests that all licences be limited to a maximum period of 16 years.

The committee consulted representatives from numerous companies, organisations, institutions, and ministries on the proposal. The committee’s view states that indefinite operating licences could be equated to indirect ownership of a public resource.

A majority of the committee proposed that all standing licences, both 16-year and indefinite, be reviewed. The proposal also suggests implementing tariffs which incentivise closed-circuit fish farms on land over open-net fish farming in the sea and therefore minimise the potential for farmed fish to escape and interbreed with wild salmon stocks.

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