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Photo: Golli. Reykjanes peninsula.

Strongest Earthquake Swarm Since December

The Reykjanes peninsula in Southwest Iceland experienced its strongest earthquake swarm since December yesterday evening. The swarm began at 9:20 PM last night with an earthquake measuring M3.9. The swarm was already calming down by this morning and there is no sign of volcanic unrest in the area.

The swarm’s first earthquake proved to be its strongest, though six other quakes measuring over M3 were recorded between 9:20 PM and 12:35 AM last night. All of them originated just northeast of Reykjanestá.

“This is a typical swarm in this area, basically considering how they’ve been in the past two years,” Einar Bessi Gestsson, a natural hazard specialist at the Icelandic Met Office, told RÚV early this morning. The earthquake swarm is a fair distance west from the Geldingadalir eruption site, and there are no signs of volcanic unrest.

Einar Bessi says experts will continue to monitor the site using GPS data and satellite images in the coming days.

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