Image: Jóhann Páll Ástvaldsson | Iceland Review

Reykjavík Has Least Sunny June in Thirty Years

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Reykjavík hasn’t had a less sunny June in Iceland in 30 years, reports. A mere 71 hours of sunshine were recorded in the capital last month. Previously, the lowest number of solar hours to have been documented (since statistics on this started being kept in 1914) occurred in June 1988. The average temperature throughout the country last month was 8.6° C, making it the coldest June on record in a century, although colder temperatures were recorded in the Reykjavæik area in June 1997.

This dim and cold June comes on the heels of a very wet May— Reykjavík’s rainiest on record. The capital received 128.8 mm of rain in May, beating out the previous record of 126 mm in 1989. In fact, it rained every single day in Reykjavík in May.


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