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Photo: Halldór Sveinbjönsson. An avalanche in Hnífsdalur, Westfjords .

Avalanche Risk in Westfjords and North Iceland

An uncertainty phase is in effect in the Westfjords and central North Iceland due to risk of avalanches. Some avalanches are expected to fall on roads in the coming days, but residential areas should be relatively safe from the danger. Multiple avalanches have fallen in the northern Westfjords and North Iceland’s Tröllaskagi peninsula late last week and considerable new snow and snowdrift is expected in the forecast.

Avalanches fell in Skutulsfjörður, Álftafjörður, and Önundafjörður in the Northern Westfjords two days ago. On the Tröllaskagi peninsula, several large avalanches fell onto Ólafsfjarðarvegur road. Some roads have been closed due to the avalanche risk, as well as the storm front that is travelling eastward across Iceland today.

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