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Skaftá Glacial Flood Ends

The glacial outburst flood that has been taking place along the Skaftá river in South Iceland has mostly ended reports the Icelandic Met Office.

According to an announcement on the Met’s website, “Water discharge in Skaftá is back to normal for this time of year. The Skaftá flood is therefore mostly over.” The announcement emphasizes, however, that both discharge and water height in both the Grenlækur and Tungulækur streams are still high. It’s estimated that these will return to normal levels in a little over a week.

The Icelandic Met Office issued a travel warning about the glacial flood a week ago, and since then, part of Route 1, the Ring Road, had to be closed at Kirkjubæjarklaustur due to rising water levels.

Travelers are reminded to check road conditions at before setting out on their trips.

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